Just A Little Lobster




Yes, I own a lobster shirt, don’t you all? I love pencil skirts, but I just never feel like I can get enough mileage out of them by just wearing them to work. That’s why I love this style math trick: pencil skirt + graphic tee = casual wear. I think the play of the dots that make up the lobster work really well with the hexagon shapes (more math).

I also love the way that red and green look together (especially when they don’t scream Christmas is here). Because, let’s face it, it’s Indiana in September…and it. is. HOT!

How do you get more mileage out of your “work” clothes?


  • On Target item: Merona Skirt
  • Shirt: Old Navy (old)
  • Shoes: Merona, Target (navy boat shoes, old)