Tutorial: How to Tie the Loop Knot


As promised, here is the tutorial for how I tied the scarf in my last post. So easy, and no idea if this is even an original idea. Here we go!

  1. Throw one scarf end over your left shoulder and then the other end over your right shoulder so it looks like this.
  2. Bring each end over the opposite shoulder that it was thrown over, so that it crosses in the back and end up laying on your chest.
  3. Fix the neck loop to how low or high you want it to be and then start tying the ends together (basically in knots).
  4. Continue to tie in knots until there is nothing further to tie. Tuck the dangling strings/ends into the knots (or leave them hanging if you like that look).

There you have it! The Loop Knot scarf look. I think it can be done with any scarf really and gives it a different bit of interest. Let me know if you end up trying this out at home.