Navy, Black, and Foxy

So my mid-week weekend has come to an end, but I’m slightly okay with getting back to my normal schedule instead of eating pretzel rolls and peanut butter M&Ms all day. Okay, just one pretzel roll was eaten today…and one yesterday. I feel like I got a lot accomplished yesterday and got a fair amount of relaxation time in today.

Today also was pretty great, since I am debuting my fox sweater that I got in November on a trip to the outlet mall. I love foxes, and this one is especially cute, since he is sleeping in a cute little ball. I also love mixing navy and black together. I have always thought the two neutrals go well together. These colors will also be coming soon to my wedding in April! That is how much I love them.

You know what I don’t love? The song “What Does a Fox Say?” If you haven’t seen it and feel that you desperately need to, then click here. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you. It is pretty dumb, though The Fiance and I tend to change the words and sing it to Cooper, our dog.


  • On Target item:¬†Denizen black jeans, Target (recent, tall and short styles online too!)
  • Sweater: Ann Taylor Outlet (in November)
  • Shoes:¬†Old Navy (here)