This One or That One?, Vol. 2 – Glasses

DSC025901        DSC026002

Guys, I need help! I recently decided I would like a new pair of glasses to be geek-chic along with everyone else (oh and I haven’t gotten new glasses since high school/start of college). I’m in love with Warby Parker after my friend, B, introduced me to the brand. They mail you a box with 5 different styles that you have picked from their collection online, and you get to try them on at home. The glasses cost $95 for a pair (for frames AND lenses), which is crazy, and they also donate a pair to someone in need for every pair that is bought. Such a great idea, and great style too! Check them out if you are in need of new frames!

So this is where you come in…I need help deciding between option 1 (left photo) or option 2 (right photo). I promise they are different. They look so similar in these photos. I would get the option 2 frames in tortoise shell, but they only had the red color to try on at this time. So what do you think? 1…2…or neither?