Target Haul, Vol. 7

*Another feature that I am going to start on the blog is Target Hauls. Basically, I love to read when other people go and buy stuff, so I thought some of you might be interested to see the latest and greatest finds that I have gotten from Target.

I’m back and spending like it never was a ban in my life (because there wasn’t, because I’m terrible). So I didn’t quite make it to Christmas without spending (see here), and then it went slightly downhill after that. Oh well. I got some quality items, and I didn’t spend a ton of money, because a lot of them were on sale. I’ll be posting a budget post soon (and will be doing one every month), and spoiler alert: I was under budget for this month (at least so far…still 3 more days left to shop this month/year)! Above are the items that I bought for myself during the last few weeks (both before and after Christmas).

I have seen some many bloggers out rocking a thin black turtleneck, and I decided that I must have my own when they were marked down at my local Target. I think it will be a versatile piece, but I am afraid of looking like I am trapped in the ’80s. So please let me know if you have any black turtleneck styling tips.

I have almost every other color in this awesome Merona Oxford Blazer, so why not add black? I also don’t own a black blazer that I truly love (how hard is it to find one of these?), so this one fit a true closet need.

I bought this sweater because it is thin and beyond comfy. Plus, it has a cool graphic element and is red and blue together, and that, my friends, is my color combination weakness.

This dress (again with the red and blue – I am a walking 4th of July Parade?) had to come home with my a few days before Christmas, because it was $8.50 (from $28 originally). Ridiculous. Plus, I love the subtle mixing of prints. I am thinking about wearing it to my bridal shower at the end of January. So completely necessary?

Striped shirts will always have a home in my closet. All of them. I wanted this one to be loose fitting, and this one fits the bill. Plus, a classic piece for $8? Done.

I have wanted these boots, since they first appeared in Target’s advertisements (like early fall?). They are constantly featured on Target’s Instagram, and I have seen lots of similar ones on other bloggers for much much more $. Plus, my closest friend at work has them and wore them to a lunch, and she looked SO put together. I bought them the Friday before Christmas. I was afraid that they would run out of my size before Christmas, and I was probably right, since there are no 9.5’s left in the Indy area. Good life choice, Katie. Good. Life. Choice.

These were the two items that I bought after Christmas with my mom. I needed a pair of replacement ankle boots, since my ones from Old Navy bit the dust after my holiday party at work (scuffed leather and missing heel piece = classy). These were the perfect replacement, and I love the pop of red in the back (they have beige ones with a pop of blue, so cute).

I asked my mom if I could pull off red tights, and she said yes. So I added these to our shopping cart. Again, I love me some red and am hoping to rock these in an upcoming outfit. My friend, B, wore dark red tights during her engagement photos, and it looked so perfect and fall-ish. I’m hoping I can look 1/2 as good!

So that’s my Target Haul from my own wallet. I have some Christmas items to post later today/tomorrow, so stay tuned to see what my parents and The Fiance gave me for Christmas!

  • You can definitely rock red tights. Just put your Katie spin on them! And I seriously love those tan boots…they really do look “put together,” which is something I could benefit from…

    • I will definitely try to rock the red tights and try to pull them off like you so beautifully did, Trendsetter! And yes, the boots are marvelous!