On Trend: Plaid-tastic

Plaid is such a great trend for the fall/winter, and since winter is still going strong, I figured I would feature the classic winter pattern on another installment of On Trend. One of my besties, B, is obsessed with plaid – so much so that she was a lumberjack for Halloween one year – and this particular post is for her, since she is a huge supporter of this blog.

I’m partial to the classic black, white, navy, and red plaids, but I can also get behind some crazy color combinations. Which plaid is your favorite?

Check out the links below and become plaid-tastic!

  1. Merona Favorite Shirt (everyone has this!)
  2. Merona Topper Coat (on sale)
  3. Merona Pencil Skirt (also on sale)
  4. Merona Oxford Blazer
  5. Merona Leather Gloves
  6. Hailey Jeans Lined Rainboots
  7. Mossimo Supply Co. Bomber Jacket (sale sale sale)

  • Woohoo!! Highly approved and coveted! I’ve tried on that pencil skirt like a thousand times, but they never have my size. So I try to convince myself it fits and then it doesn’t. Sad story.

  • Keep trying! You neeeeeed more plaid! :)