In Review: December 2013

December and 2013 are coming to a close after today (got your sequins ready?), and I cannot believe that this month, let alone this year, are over! I love this recap post that I started in November, so I am doing it again! I went through my instagram posts (through my personal account and the Style On Target account). Looks like this month was focused on hosting my own blog, wearing sweaters/blazers, and coffee. Exciting!

  1. Working this plaid blazer with a pop of yellow on the blog
  2. Deciding on what Warby Parker glasses to order (the ones on the right won!)
  3. Target goodies from after Black Friday shopping
  4. On Trend becomes a new blog feature (starring polka dots for the first entry)
  5. Hosting my own blog at my own website
  6. The Fiance and I bundled up and walked to see the Hobbit..because we’re nerds!
  7. Mixing rust and cobalt with lace
  8. Bird’s eye view of delicious coffee
  9. Sweater + black jeans = what I could wear every. single. day!

January is coming soon and bringing the new year with it! Get ready for 2014! Here’s hoping it is even better than 2013!