Target Haul, Vol. 9

Last Target Haul post of 2013, and a quick recap of the damage that I did at Target with B today.

My mom and I went shopping after Christmas, and she commented that I didn’t have this houndstooth blazer yet from Target (don’t worry guys, I have all the rest of them). I tried it on with her and told her that originally I thought it looked a little old lady-ish. She said it didn’t and that it was a classic and timeless print.

Well, for the one millionth time in my life, she was right. I couldn’t stop thinking about the blazer and how great it would look on (and in my closet). I tried to find it at my local Target, but they only had one left (hanging all by itself, but not in my size!). I used Target’s item finder on their website and found out that there was a whole bunch left at another Target nearby (perks of living in a fairly big city = lots of Targets). I headed there after work and found out that all the blazers were on 30% clearance now. Score! So I picked this guy up and never let go! So thanks Mom (double thanks since I used the giftcard from my parents to purchase part of it)!

I love navy. I love red. I love stripes. I love $7 shirts. I love comfy tees. (I love lamp?) Therefore, this little guy had to come home with me today.

Love me some good deals from Target lately!