2014 Wishlist

I’m on a mission this year, guys!

To stick to a budget. To make responsible purchases. To buy some classic/long-lasting items. To make smart decisions. And to build a quality wardrobe.

I’ll be updating this list as I find the items (whether or not they are from Target). Here are the 27 items on my 2014 Wishlist…feel free to tell me what’s on yours in the comments (I might need some inspiration)!

2014 Wishlist

+ elbow patch sweater
+ perfect white button down (purchased from Target – worn)
+ perfect white tee (purchased from Target)
+ camel cardigan (purchased from Old Navy! – worn)
+ tweed blazer
+ peplum tank top
+ striped blazer (purchased from Old Navy! – worn)
+ white button down with black polka dots

+ jean shorts
+ gray casual dress
+ skirt or dress with blue/green plaid
+ straight leg black dress pants (purchased from Target – worn)
+ tweed/textured gray skirt (purchased from thrift! – worn here)
+ red ¾ sleeve dress (purchased from Target – worn)
+ striped black and white skirt (purchased from Target! – worn)

+ perfect black knee boots (purchased from Nordstrom – worn)
+ nude pumps/heels (purchased from thrift! – worn)
+ cap toe flats (purchased from Old Navy!)
+ white tennis shoes (purchased from Target!)
+ fashionable rain boots or water mocs (SCORED Hunter rain boots from the thrift store!)

+ colored winter coat (purchased from Poshmark!)
+ quilted vest (purchased! – worn here)

+ mint colored item
+ giant neutral scarf
+ aviators (purchased from Target! – worn)
+ non-sporty baseball hat (purchased from Target! – worn)
+ striped tote