Creating a Budget + December 2013 Budget

It is about time. I decided after my no shopping ban in December (that worked out sooo well – just kidding – I cheated so many times) that I would go ahead and start setting a budget for my clothing/shoes/accessories purchases. I decided on an amount of $250 per month (not including gifts or gift cards). This is based on a whole bunch of various factors but is a good number for my personal and professional life.

December was my test month to get the budget ready for the new year (2014!…how are you here already?), and I think it is really going to work, and the nerd in me loves tracking the spending/savings and listing out each and every purchase. IT is almost exciting, guys (almost). Obviously, you’ll see some of these purchases through Target Haul posts, but some of the items will be from other stores that I shop at. I love reading these posts and was inspired to do this thanks to Fran from Franish and her Budgeting Bloggers. So hopefully, you’ll enjoy hearing about what I am adding to my wardrobe each month starting with the below post for December 2013.

December 2013 Budget
+ Grey Boyfriend Sweater; Old Navy – purchased for $18 (original cost: $27 – 40% off – here)
+ White Boyfriend Sweater; Old Navy – $14 ($27 – ~50% off – here)
+ Black Turtleneck Sweater; Target – $11 ($15 – 25% off – here)
+ Red/Blue Geo Sweater; Target – $12.50 ($25 – 50% off – here)
+ Black Oxford Blazer; Target – $25 ($35 – 30% off – here)
+ Striped Tee; Target – $8 ($12 – 33% off – here)
+ Printed Dress; Target – $8.50 ($28 – 70% off – here)
+ Kadence Wedge Ankle Boot – Chestnut; Target – $25 ($35 – $5 off coupon + $5 gift card – here)
+ Mossimo Kodi Ankle Boots – Black; Target – $25 ($35 – 30% off – here)
+ Merona Premium Opaque Tights – Dark Red; Target – $10 (regular price – here)
+ Mossimo Fit and Flare Dress; Target $17.50 ($25 – 30% off – here) -> ordered online and haven’t received this yet, but I think I am going to like it, so including it here
+ Houndstooth Oxford Blazer; Target – $14.50 ($35 – $10.50 (30% off at my local store) – $10 giftcard – here)
+ Merona Burgundy/Navy Striped Tee; Target – $7 ($12 – on sale in stores – here)
+ Striped Silk Scarf; Ann Taylor – $8 (thrifted)

Goal: $250
Total Spent: $204
Amount Under/Over: +$46 = $250-$204
Carryover: $ –
Total Saved: $125 = $329 (if not on sale) – $204
Item Count: 14

Lots and lots of items, I feel like. It is pretty clear what I like upon viewing this post: classic, clean looks and lots of black, white, navy, and dark red. In all, not bad for the first budgeting month, plus I already wore 3 items from this list on Monday. Now onto January’s money!

Linking up with Franish’s Budgeting Bloggers!

  • This is an awesome snapshot of Katie Style! I still can’t wait to see the black turleneck in action.

    • I was laughing when I saw it all put together, because I completely agree. At least I know what I like?

  • Man, oh man, I love Target. You got some great things! I especially love that dress and that striped scarf! I’m so glad you linked up – nice to “blog meet” you :)

    • Ashley! Thanks for checking out my blog, and yes, Target is so good to me (probably because I’m like here is my pay check). It is so nice to “blog meet” you too! I love love love the name of your blog and I’m headed there now to check it out! Thanks for commenting!

  • Love those cardigans!

  • I absolutely love what you bought in December. Like you said, really classic and clean and stuff you can wear over and over. I went over my December budget by quite a bit…oh well :)

    • Nout – Budgets are hard, I completely feel you…I definitely think I would have gone over mine had it not been for the two weeks that I was able to keep to my “no-shopping ban.” Thanks for commenting!

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