What I Wish I Wore, Vol. 7 – Here’s to 2014!

Plaided Stripes
*So a feature that I am going to run on Wednesdays (possibly along with a daily outfit post) is called “What I Wish I Wore Wednesday.” I’ll be piecing together an outfit on Polyvore (which I have never used before blogging, but I really like it) with all Target items to show you what I wish I was wearing and just how easy it is to look cute on a budget.

Cheers to 2014! May you be full of an awesome wedding (April 2014), two awesome vacations, fun blog posts, and 365 days of love and laughter.

I’m in a little bit of recovery mode today from attending two New Year’s parties last night, but I am excited to have another day off from work and another day to hang out with The Fiance. This is what I wish I was wearing, as I run some errands, possibly do some online shopping (new month, new budget) and just chillax (that’s a recognized word now, right). The plaid in this jacket echos this week’s post on being plaid-tastic, and I think it works with the black and white in the striped shirts. The red pants add a pop of color and some interest, while the black boots and necklace keep it grounded.

Happy 2014, friends!