This One or That One?: Pave Stone Link Bracelets

Just in case you weren’t completely already on board with the pave stone link bracelets that were a huge trend in 2013, Target is bringing them to you in various colors in 2014. I love that they come in blue, green, and pink, as these were the colors “assigned” to me and my two best friends from college. I was always, always blue, so I’m actually even more torn on which one to get now, even though the original style is still probably my favorite.

Which one would you want to add to your jewelry box?

Original? Silver? Blue? Pink? Or green?

  • Rebecca B

    THE GREEEEEN. Obviously. Also it looks like I can’t sign in with wordpress on the comments anymore!

    • Haha. Obviously, the green. And yup, changed up the comments to Disqus. It should be easy to learn!

  • Preshcutie

    I would, and could wear any of these, especially the pink!! I’ve learned from years, literally years, of being taught to accessorize by you & B, that this is the type of “classic piece” that works well with a lot of outfits……I think? I hope? Maybe? #stilllearningaccessories

    • You got it! At least, I think it is super classic and would definitely lend itself to both casual and formal outfits! C, mastering accessories one step at a time!