Save or Splurge?, Vol. 2: Sequin Skirt

Save or Splurge? is a post where I’ll show you an item from Target and its higher end version that probably inspired it.

Our first Save or Splurge was the pave bracelet (here), so obviously more sparkles are needed in the second installment. On the right is the Target version (retails for $30) and on the left is a piece from Neiman Marcus’s website from a brand, Lafayette 1480 New York (normally $395, but on sale for $237 currently).

I first saw the Target skirt in stores on New Years Eve, and if I hadn’t already planned out my outfit for the night, I might have snatched it up. Timing, guys, all about the timing. I think that they are both beautiful pieces, but most of us (me included) can probably justify a $30 skirt and wear it a few times than one that is 12.5 times that price.

Has anyone purchased this Target sequined beauty? Would you rock this, and if so, where?