Target That Look: Jessica Biel

Every Monday, in the Target That Look feature, I will try to pick a celebrity look that I like and show you how you can get all the necessary pieces from your local Target for much, much less.

I adore Jessica Biel for many reasons: 1. I was a closet fan of 7th Heaven and would watch it over at my neighbor’s house growing up. 2. She had perfect hair. 3. She’s married to Justin Timberlake. 4. She has great casual style (see above). And 5. The Fiance thinks this is my celebrity doppelganger (this is one of many reasons why he is a keeper, folks).

Anyways, check out below on how you can get Jessica’s street style look for way cheap from Target (ps. I think I need these jeans)! Justin Timberlake not included.

Target That Look:

  1. Merona Hooded Coat (30% off now)
  2. Merona 3/4 Sleeve Refined Scoop Tee
  3. Merona Satchel Handbag
  4. Xhilaration Cateye Sunglasses
  5. Denizen Essential Stretch Skinny Jeans
  6. Merona Kelsey Perforated Sneakers

Would you wear this outfit out and about? Let me know in the comments!