Three Month Countdown

Yesterday marks exactly three months until The Fiance and I get married! Super exciting, but super anxiety-inducing too. There are just so many things to finalize still, and despite having a crazy dream about not having a hair stylist for the wedding…I still don’t have one. I’ve got a list made of things I still have to do, and while I’m slowly (read very very slowly) marking them off the list, I still have a lot to do.

Bright side? Our invitations (and all the parts) came in today, and I love the way everything looks together. And The Fiance said he likes these pants, which I scored at our local thrift shop on my day off this past Friday. He did not, however, like the fur vest I picked up on the same trip. So win/lose for him? Because both are staying! :)


  • On Target item:┬áMerona Sweater (no longer for sale online, check stores; similar, similar too)
  • Pants: J. Crew, thrifted (old; other plaid pants: here and here)
  • Pumps: Pedro Miralles, TJ Maxx (similar)

  • So exciting!! Congrats! I hope we get to see some pictures of the big day! Also, love those pants!

    • Thanks so much, Sara! Super exciting for sure. I’m sure I’ll end up sharing TOO many photos of the big day…hah!

  • Rebecca B


  • Those pants are killer! I could see them being styled a ton of different ways. What a great find! :)

    • Sage, right?! That’s what I thought as I was clutching them on the way to the register! Glad you agree!