New Year, New Closet: Personality Pieces

Third post in the New Year, New Closet series:

Last week, we built the foundation for our wardrobe by focusing on some staple pieces, and the week before that, we cleaned out our closet and made some room for some critical pieces. Now we’re onto the “fun” part of this whole series: the Personality Pieces. These are the items that allow you to show off your personality and likes in terms of color, print, shape, and materials.

This week’s post is all about finding those pieces. I pulled together the above collage with pieces that I either personally own or would love to add to my own closet. I stuck with a darker palette (I don’t look great in pastels, but you might) with some classic prints, but that’s my personal style! You might not be a fan of these colors or prints or shapes, but that is the beauty of style…you get to pick it! If you like animal print, then add it in with one of your print pieces. If you love green but look terrible in pinks, then add a green solid color tee and leave the pink to someone else.

To keep it simple and manageable (read: affordable) for now, I’m only adding seven pieces that I think are crucial to the seven closet staples that we picked last week (see here┬áif you missed last week’s post). This is the start of your wardrobe, and you can make many, many outfits out of these combinations using only 14 pieces (to come in a later post).

Personality Pieces:

  • pair of colored pants (exact)
  • printed dress (exact)
  • printed skirt (exact)
  • solid color tee (exact)
  • printed cardigan (no longer available)
  • dressy tank (exact)
  • solid color cardigan/sweater (exact)

Accessories are coming next week, but until then, are there any other personality pieces that you would add to the list above (remember you still have your closet staples)? Let me know in the comments!