On Trend: It’s Geometric!

The title of this post is everything. Please read it to yourself in the tune of the Electric Slide if you didn’t get it on the first try. (Please don’t judge me for my awesome puns on this blog.)

Geometry was never an awesome subject for me in school, but I can rock a geometric pattern like nobody’s business. I would actually rock all of these pieces, so feel free to send them my way, Target! I read on Style.com that spring 2014 would be full of geometric tribal prints, and these pieces are spot on in that regard.

You can’t resist it, it’s geometric! Check out the pieces here…

  1. Merona Geometric Scarf
  2. Merona Short-sleeve White Sand Top
  3. Merona Hinge Triangle Print Wallet
  4. Merona Triangle Print Scarf
  5. Merona Print Black/Yellow Hinge Wallet
  6. Merona Black/White Print Hinge Wallet
  7. Merona Circle 3/4 Sleeve Top

  • Rebecca B

    I think that tshirt at the top is my fav of these…I’m reeeeally not into geometric, but I think I would really wear/love that one!

    • Yeah, it definitely isn’t everyone’s favorite, but it is almost art! You could rock that tee!