Any Given Thursday

Full disclosure: I feel like blogs tend to reflect the most POSITIVE aspects of your life, but sometimes you just are in a funk. Like today. So please note that I love my life, but I am also trying to be real with you all. Sometimes I feel like Thursday is my breaking point. Especially when I don’t have to work Friday (yay). Especially when I feel like I am juggling a million and a half things (both good and bad things). Especially when it is winter, and there is no cure for the cold (boo).

I had a dress and tights and a cool belt all laid out and ready to go this morning. I started my routine of getting ready, looked at the dress (more like scoffed at it), and grabbed my nearest (non-black) dress pants. Did I give up? A little bit. That outfit was way more complex and cuter in my opinion. I’m just not willing to fight the dress fight today. So pants and The World’s Softest Sweater (seriously, Target should trademark their Mossimo Ultrasoft Sweater as such) it is. It might be a bit frumpy and a bit boring, but it is Thursday, after all.

Plus, my necklace is awesome.


  • Your necklace is awesome! Some days you just can’t win and have to wear pants! I have those days all the time!

  • Everygoodthingblog by Melissa

    i totally understand the days when you dont want to fight the dress. thanks for being so honest, hope your friday is better than today!

    • Thanks Melissa! My Friday is headed in a much better direction. A day off and early morning coffee and puppy snuggles certainly puts you in a much better mood! Thanks for the comment!

  • Rebecca B

    I feel you. Guess what? I EVEN WORE PANTS TODAY. Some people just like to watch the world burn.

    (Or rather, some days winter is the worst, everything is the worst, and it’s a pants day).

    • So the world is ending, B? Is that what you are trying to tell me?! ;) Thanks for confirming that winter is the worst! :)