New Year, New Closet: Adding Accessories

Adding Accessories

Fourth post in the New Year, New Closet series:

Last week, we added Personality Pieces to our wardrobe by focusing in on prints/shapes/colors that reflect our likes and personality. The week before, we built the foundation for our wardrobe. Now we’re onto accessories, which I feel adds the “finishing touch” to our look and reflect a complete outfit.

The fourth week of “New Year, New Closet” will be about finding those finishing touches. I pulled together what I feel to be seven crucial accessories that can lend a hand to completing your outfits. I kept it to seven because 1.) it matched both the seven staples and seven personality pieces that I had previously listed and 2.) it keeps it manageable. The seven that I picked include three “personality” accessories (fun/patterned) and four staples (neutrals/standards), but these ones that you include might have six personality accessories to one staple or vice versa. Again, be sure to include prints/patterns/colors that you like and work with your lifestyle, body type, etc.

These seven pieces work with the previous 14 pieces to complete your look. Next week will be the final week of the New Year, New Closet series, and I’ll show you around 28 looks that you can make using only these 21 pieces from all three previous weeks. Be sure to tune in next week!

Adding Accessories:

  • scarf (exact)
  • solid color shoe (exact– feel free to make yours a statement color!)
  • classic necklace (exact – yours might even be a family keepsake!)
  • patterned/fun belt (exact)
  • classic neutral belt (exact)
  • statement necklace (exact)
  • boot (exact – yours can be knee high/ankle boot/over-the-knee, etc.)

So that’s my 21 pieces for your closet and jewelry box. Anything I missed other than tights for the winter/fall (B confirmed that these were a necessity here in Indiana, and I agree)?! Let me know what you would have to have beyond these in the comments!

  • I’m really loving that floral belt! It’s kind of unique-looking!