Feelin’ Freezin’

Fun fact: Winter never ends in Indiana. It’s a glorious snow globe of whirling snowflakes and bitter cold temperatures 12 out of 12 months. At least that’s what it feels like here the last few days. I thought there was going to be light at the end of the tunnel yesterday when it was 40 degrees (heat wave, friends), but alas, it plummeted to a high of 8 degrees here today. Sigh. So more layers, more pants, and no black items to be found!

On another note, I had a very nice weekend filled with love, laughter, and some tears at my bridal shower. Big thanks to everyone who reads this blog who came and showered me with love and raspberry bellinis! I did a ton of wedding planning on Sunday with a puppy snuggled up against me and designed some important invitations and our wedding program. We ended the night with a back-and-forth channel-surfing between the Pro Bowl (lame) and the Grammys (I love you Taylor Swift!).

How was your weekend?!

ps. Week 2 for me of Nicole at VV Boutique Style’s January Blackout Challenge! I realized I’m relying on navy to be my crutch during this challenge, so I am going to make an effort to work some other neutrals in this week! Want to join in on the fun?!

pps. I need some new dress pants. These are WAY too big.

  • Rebecca B

    I can’t believe you went outside without a jacket for this photo. #blogdedication

  • Cindy Gravatt

    Really cute outfit. (And yes the pants look way too big!)