Classic and Cool

My nice work bosses let us wear jeans today due to Polar Vortex 3.0, so I got to pull out some items that I have been itching to wear. Leopard, cable knit, jeans, and some tan ankle boots. All classic pieces on their own, and all nicely came together for a classically cool outfit for today.

For some reason at work today, they jacked up the heat in our building. Normally, it is an icebox, and I sit cuddled up in my work fleece jacket, my Colts fleece blanket that my mom made me, and whatever I’m wearing. Today meant losing the blanket…and the fleece…and just staying nice and warm in my sweater/scarf. Crazy times. Does anyone else have a workplace that does this?

ps. For those sticklers at home, this scarf is 3 shades of brown. I checked it 8 million times this morning. No black to be found here…at least for the next 3 days! Still going strong with Nicole at VV Boutique Style‚Äôs January Blackout Challenge!


  • Sarah

    How are those booties? I’ve debated getting them or one of a few similar options forever.

    • Hi Sarah – I really like them, but they do hurt my feet a little bit (I just don’t do well in heels/wedges in general for a long time wear), and mine have already scuffed a bit. I looked at the Toms version of these and seriously considered them (and they have great reviews), but couldn’t justify the $80 on ANOTHER pair of ankle boots. Hope that helps!

      • Sarah

        Thanks! Most of the reviews I’ve read have said similar.

  • Very classic and cute!!