January 2014 Budget

Too many good deals this month, guys, and too many Christmas gift cards burning a hole in my pocket. I still managed to stay under budget (with some help from Christmas money from my grandparents), and I have almost worn all of this stuff already, so at least I am excited about that.

Having a style blog is helping me define my look and get creative with my wardrobe, but it also makes me want to continue to add and add to my already bursting closet. I am hoping to get that under control in the next 11 months of this year, but right now, Target’s 70% off sales (and every other store’s) are too good. I mean two $5 sweaters? Check out January’s budget below to see the damage (split into retail stores and thrifted goods breakdown this time).

Jan. 2014 Budget

January 2014 Budget
+ Merona Blue Striped Skirt – $18 ($23 – $5 coupon – here)
+ Merona Black Boat Neck Tee; Target – $8 ($12 – 33% off – here)
+ Rockstar Jeans; Old Navy – $15 ($36.94 – on sale – here)
+ Black Fit and Flare Dress; Target – $12.50 ($30 regular price -$17.50 on returned black dress from December’s budget – here)
+ Mossimo Black Ultrasoft V-Neck Sweater; Target – $5 ($18 – 70% off in stores – here)
+ Mossimo Gray Ultrasoft Crew Neck Sweater; Target – $5 ($18 – 70% off in stores – here)
+ Merona Burgundy Boat Neck Tee; Target – $8.50 ($12 – 30% off – here)
+ Faux Fur Scarf; The Limited – $13 ($50 originally – sale in stores – here)
+ Skinny Corduroy Pants; Ann Taylor Loft – $19 ($59.50 originally – 60% off reduced prices – here)
+ Rope Pencil Skirt; JC Penney – $5 ($36, but $25 on sale – $20 from gift return – here)
+ Striped Ponte Blazer; Old Navy – $26 ($40 – 35% – here – warning, this runs small!)
+ Carmel Crewneck Cardigan; Old Navy – $9 ($24 – reduced + 25% off – here)
+ Merona Gray Crossbody Bag; Target – $0 ($30 – 70% off = $9 – giftcard; here)
+ Dainty Red Necklace; Target – $0 ($17 – 70% off = $5 – giftcard; here)
+ Merona Green Marker Tights; Target – $8 ($10 – 20% off; here)
+ Navy Quilted Jacket; Old Navy – $25 ($50, on sale in stores; here)
+ Navy Anchor Skirt; Old Navy – $15 ($23 – on sale in stores; here)
+ Gray Ankle Boots; Old Navy – $5 ($35, on sale for $25 – $20 Super Cash Coupon; here)

Total Retail: $197 + $34 in giftcards

+ Ann Taylor Tweed Skirt; thrifted – $15 ($80 originally)
+ Gap Pleated Skirt; thrifted – $12 ($50 originally)
+ J. Crew Black Watch Plaid Pants; thrifted – $25 ($70 originally)
+ WeatherProof Reversible Fur Vest; thrifted – $22.50 ($45 originally)

Total Thrifted: $74.50

Goal: $325 = $250 + $75 from Christmas money
Total Spent: $271.50
Amount Under/Over: +$53.50 = $325 – $271.50
Total Saved: $497.94 (HUGE) = $769.44 (if not on sale) – $271.50
Item Count: 22

Carryover: n/a (I will have $53.50 bonus for February at least?)

So, yes. Technically, I am over my “set budget”, but I am spending Christmas money on my wardrobe, so I actually came in under that amount. That is completely fine with me. I’m obviously really “strict” about my budget. :)

Definitely a lot of darker shades and bottoms this month! Tons of items, which is also what I said last month. I’m worried, because I am loving all the new spring clothing coming out and might continue to buy buy buy. Hopefully, I can start minimizing the amount that I am buying, otherwise, I might need a new closet!

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  • Rebecca B

    Math. I like all of your awesome purchases, and I hope
    There is an increase of lighter/happy colors in Feb!!

    • Math. I know you love it. And yes, fun patterns and happy colors to come! Fingers crossed. I already know I want a green polka dot top from Target, so I am sure you approve of that!

  • Hey it is totally okay to spend your Christmas money on your wardrobe! It all works out :) Love the cross body bag you purchased!

    • Rachel – So glad that I have your support! I will be sure to pass that along to The Fiance who disagrees ;). Thanks for the comment!

  • Ooooh you got some awesome stuff this month! I am totally with you – the sales were CRAZY this month. I bought way more than I planned too also :)

    I really like that striped pencil skirt, the booties and your cross body bag. You are going to have so much fun wearing all of your new stuff over the next few months!

    • Ashley – Crazy sales. Crazy amount of buying, so I’m glad you feel me. I love all of those items you listed and have been wearing them pretty much non-stop! Can’t wait to check out your post!

  • That vest sounds super warm! And Old Navy really has some cute, sylish pieces! Loving the booties and coat!

    • Valerie – The vest is so warm…I actually wore it today! And I agree with you 100%…Old Navy is stepping up their game recently! Nautical and classic pieces galore right now!

  • What a lovely collection! So many beautiful, classic items :) love the striped skirt and the black dress! xo


    • Nout – Thanks so much for your nice words! I love the striped skirt so much! Stripes are my favorite pattern and blue is my favorite color, so it is hard for me to not wear it alllll the time!

  • Wow, you got a lot of great pieces this month!

  • I love that crossbody bag! I will have to look for it (or similar) next time I am in Target. (And, you got some really good deals! Impressive!)

    • Thanks Anna Belle, and good luck finding the crossbody bag at your local Target! Fingers crossed for you!