New Year, New Closet: Making Your Closet Work

Fifth and final post in the New Year, New Closet series:

Accessories were the focus last week, and personality pieces before that. Foundation/staple pieces was week two, and now we’re finally getting a chance to work all of it together. It’s been a long month, but let’s finally show you how your closet can work for you.

I’ve pulled together 28 looks (two options for each clothing item) for you below, using the 7 closet staples and 7 personality pieces. I mixed in the 7 accessories to give it some more pizzazz. I can think of several more outfit combinations using these pieces, so can probably hit at least 33 different outfits using just 14 items, plus accessories. See below for the outfits I came up with (click on pics to make them bigger)! Which one is your favorite?

So that’s my New Year, New Closet post series. I had an awesome time pulling together this series, and it really helped me to think about how to work the pieces that I have in my closet. I even realized some of the items that I was missing (black tank dress, for example) that I ended up buying as part of my budget items. Did this help you out at all? Let me know in the comments, if it did, or if you’d like to see more posts like this in the future!

  • I love this idea, and as a huge fan of Target, I would love to see more posts like this!

    • Melissa – thank you! I’ll definitely try to be working on some more of these posts! They’re informative and super fun to do!

  • Rebecca B

    So, my favs are grey dress, awesome belt & tan blazer, and black dress, awesome belt & tan blazer…..weird….not like there’s a trend or anything. Super creative, good job!

    • Thanks, B. I know you love your dresses, and we’ll always have the memories of our beloved awesome reversible belt! :)