Sunday Shopping: Peter Pilotto for Target Collection

A short post today in regards to the newly launched Peter Pilotto for Target collection (can be found online here).

I’m going to be honest. I wasn’t jazzed about the collection before it hit the stores, which is why I didn’t really blog about it before today. I’m just not a huge fan of outrageous and exaggerated prints and colors.

That being said, I think the pieces look a lot better in person and on than they do on the models. The collection just launched today (February 9), and I went to one of the Targets here in Indianapolis that was carrying the line. The clothing pieces run from $19.99 to $49.99 (there are a few accessories that are a little less), which is okay in my opinion, and they definitely bring a lot of color and unconventional patterns to your wardrobe.

Overall, I think that they would work a lot better in my own closet as separate pieces. I prefer a cleaner, more classic style, so I don’t think the dresses would work in my closet (though they look lovely on the people I have seen on Instagram), and a lot of the pieces are meant to be paired together. I came thisclose to getting the black and white mixed print skirt, because I loved it on Alexa Chung but couldn’t really commit to the $35.

Did you check out the Peter Pilotto for Target collection today? Did you get anything?

ps. The sailboat top, the black knit skirt, and the camel sweater are not part of the Peter Pilotto collection. I just wanted to 1.) see how things looked with neutrals and 2.) try on the ridiculously cute sailboat top.

  • Rebecca B

    I’m not a fan of the line either, but I actually really like (you in) the top left dress. It’s kind of tropical vacation-y.

    • That’s a pretty good way to describe that, B! Very perfect for the beach and a iced drink! And I liked the way it fit, but didn’t really need another $40 dress that wasn’t in a pattern I love!

  • Meghan Hayes

    I like everything on the right hand side. All the way down. Haha. Yeah I was a little overwhelmed by the color and patterns on the commercials, but some of that, seeing how you split it up, I may actually wear.

    • Hahaha. Thanks, Meghan! I think the right side was my favorites too. And I completely agree with you about the advertising! I liked it, but was just in awe how to make them work. Maybe I’ll get more bold in my choices later.

  • The sailboat top is darling! I love the pieces on you! As a print wearer, I appreciated the bright hues and bold patterns. I reviewed my top picks and I agree that some pieces look better in person. I think you should get the blue floral dress, it’s so stunning!


    • Melissa – you are too kind (and yes, that sailboat top might become a need in my life)! These would definitely be perfect for you…I’m off to your page to check out your thoughts! Thanks for the uber nice words!

  • I wasn’t a fan of the collection either. I liked the cut of the pieces, but not the bold patterns. Maybe next time!

  • Kaci

    I live in Indy as well, so I have to ask – what Target do you usually go
    to? I swear I have no luck when looking for clothes in my local Target! I usually end up ordering online.

    • Kaci! So nice to see an Indy face! I live on the northside and visit the Broad Ripple area a lot, so I frequent the West Carmel location, the Nora location, and the Broad Ripple location. These photos were at the Nora location. I have been known to drive to the Fishers one once in awhile.

      I also ordered stuff online. Super convenient and usually fast shipping!

      • Kaci

        I’ll have to try out the Nora Target – as soon as shipment I ordered online this weekend arrives!

  • Amy

    The sailboat top, black knit skirt, and camel sweater were the only things I liked. Ha.

    • Amy – Hah! Too great. What can I say? I’m just not a kaleidoscope print fan? Some girls are rocking it though, so a little something for everyone!