Nashville + The Parthenon

Super fun weekend in Nashville, TN, y’all! I’m just going to list out all the super fun things we did this weekend, because otherwise I could ramble on and on about the city. The outfit pictures from above are from Centennial Park where there is a full-sized replica of the Parthenon (found in Athens, Greece). It was built in 1897 as part of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition. I love history and kind of looked like a scholar in this photo (the blazer helps), so it was a perfect spot for photos.

Things We Did:

  • Ate a delicious dinner at Burger Up with the cutest waitress
  • Had a beer (The Fiance) and a latte (me) at the Frothy Monkey Coffeehouse
  • Saw Second City performance at Vanderbilt (hilarious – favorite skit = “That’s Cute!”)
  • Touring the Parthenon and Centennial Park
  • Antique and Garden Show (would have been so much better if we were millionaires)
  • Shopping at Opry Mills Outlet Mall (but I was good and didn’t buy ANYTHING)
  • Ice cream at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream (birch + marshmellow, brambleberry cobbler, and banana french toast – delicious, try it out if you go to Nashville)
  • Downtown walk to Flying Saucer for beer, pretzels, and pizza!
  • Live music (both a singer/songwriter duo and a full on country cover band) at Rippy’s BBQ

Such a fun getaway weekend with the dude I love!


  • Meghan Hayes

    That blazer looks amazing! So cool that you got some of the snow in your pictures.

    Nashville is seriously one of my favorite places to visit of all time.

    • Hahah, Meghan. I was actually hating on the snow during the shots, but like the way it came out!

      It was my first real length of time in Nashville. Did we miss anything there that you love? We’re going back in March (fingers crossed for warmer weather)!

      • Meghan Hayes

        The hubs and I are big microbrew fans, which your fiance may enjoy, but the food here is good too:

        The Mall at Green Hills is the fancy mall (they have a Burberry if that lets you know how fancy it is) and it’s fun to browse there.

        You should check out Aubrey’s blog at She’s a Nashville blogger and has some great restaurant reviews for the area and she links to other Nashville bloggers.

        • Thanks for all the suggestions, Meghan! These sound greaaaaaat (said in Tony the Tiger’s voice)!

  • Wow you guys did so much fun stuff this weekend!! I need to visit Nashville! I like that you look like a scholar!