February 2014 Budget

So somebody was entranced this month by more good deals and the thought of spring (along with the launch of most stores’ spring collections). I’m proud to say that I stayed under budget, but JUST barely. Again, I’ve worn most of these items already and some of them were checks off my 2014 Wishlist, so that’s awesome too.

Check out February’s budget below to see the damage (split into retail stores and thrifted goods breakdown again).

February 2014 Budget

February 2014 Budget
+ Merona Green Polka Dot Tee; Target – $7 ($10 originally – here)
+ Merona Black/White Striped Skirt; Target – $15 ($20 originally – here)
+ Converse One Star Sneakers; Target – $0 ($35 originally, used giftcard – here)
+ Mossimo Supply Co. Gray Moccasins; Target – $16 ($20 originally – here)
+ Merona ¾ Dot Tee; Target – $9.50 ($12 originally – here)
+ Mossimo Supply Co. Floral Boyfriend Tee; Target – $7 ($9 originally – here)
+ Liz Claiborne Dog Sweater; JCPenney – $5 ($40 originally – no longer available online)
+ Worthington Diamond Skirt; JCPenney – $5 ($35 originally – no longer available online)
+ DB Collection Wrap Dress; JCPenney – $10 ($60 originally – no longer available online)
+ Black Peter Pan Collar Sweater; Ann Taylor – $40 ($80 originally – here)
+ Merona Aqua Sweater; Target – $17 ($20 originally – here)
+ Merona Striped Tee; Target – $9 ($12 originally – here)
+ Merona Cap Toe Ballet Flats; Target – $16 ($20 – originally – here)
+ Merona Clover Print Favorite Pullover – $0 ($23 – originally; used giftcard – here)
+ Gray and White Striped Dress; Old Navy – $21 ($30 originally – here)
+ Merona Cap Sleeve Orange Dress; Target – $18 ($30 originally – here)

Total Retail: $195.50

+ Merona Zebra Skirt; thrifted – $5 ($25 originally)
+ J.Crew Black Lace Tee; thrifted – $10 ($30 originally)
+ J.Crew Gray Marble Boyfriend Cardigan; thrifted – $10 ($98 originally)
+ J.Crew Black/White Gingham Shirt; thrifed – $12 ($50 originally)
+ Leopard Drapey Shirt; thrifted – $6 ($40 originally)
+ Red H&M Blazer; thrifted – $9 ($40 originally)

Total Thrifted: $52.00

Goal: $250
Total Spent: $247.50
Amount Under/Over: +$2.50 = $250 – $247.50
Total Saved: $464.50 (HUGE) = $712 (if not on sale) – $247.50
Item Count: 22
Carryover to Next Month: $55.80 = $53.30 + $2.50

*I did not include the stripe wedges (here) or the infamous Target bike sweatshirt (here) since those were gifts/wedding expenses. That’s right, I totally convinced The Fiance that stripe wedges were worthy of a wedding expense. Score one for me.

Thoughts on my purchases this month: I did get rid of roughly 20 items this month, so I’m keeping steady with my closet and finding pieces that I actually wear and will work with my lifestyle. I’m also pleased with the mixture of fun and classics that I got this month (definitely not as gloomy as in January and December). In March, I’m looking to not buy as much and am looking for some pieces to take with me for my honeymoon. Wish me luck on both fronts!

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  • You got a lot of wonderful items and still managed to stay under budget! That’s great! You can see the transition to spring in these pieces — some black and white, and some colorful!

  • Lots of great stuff this month! Loving that black lace top…and I totally have the black and white Target flats on my wishlist for next month!

    • Valerie – thanks for commenting. The flats are so beautiful in real life and I cannot wait to wear them! I highly recommend them!

  • Aubrey

    I have the Liz Claiborne dog sweater!!! I pay $33 for it back in September. What an awesome find. You got a lot of great stuff.

    • Aubrey – thanks for commenting! That sweater has been wore so many times already (and hasn’t even made the blog) only because it is the cutest thing ever.

  • Congrats for staying on budget! Looks like you got a lot of great items and a ton of good deals ;)

  • Sarah H.

    Whoa, HUGE haul! I am so impressed at how much you got for so little. I bow down to your budget shopping prowess!

    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life

  • Those are some fantastic shoe buys! I definitely need to work on my casual shoe wardrobe for spring!

    dash dot dotty

    • Dotty – Thanks so much for commenting. I probably should work on minimizing my shoe collection, but these were too great to pass out (and great classic neutrals).

  • You got some amazing pieces this month! I am loving that geometric skirt and the red/orange dress. Definitely classic pieces with a twist!

    • Ashley – Thanks so much! And what a great way to put it! I’m pumped to wear the dress, so hurry up Indiana spring!

  • love the striped dress and the doggy sweater ;) I spent about the same amount as you did in February but I blew my $100/month budget.

    • Nout – Thanks so much! That stripe dress is so great for spring, so I can’t wait to wear it! And hey, it happens…there is always March! Starting fresh!

  • Sara

    I love all of your purchases-especially that floral tee! I may have to go over to Target and snag one for myself. What are you going to pair it with?

    I’m stopping by from Budgeting Bloggers-I’m a first timer! Have a great rest of the week!


    • Hi Sara – Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I love the whole community of Budgeting Bloggers, so welcome (it might get addicting, fair warning!)! I love the floral tee (and my mom has it too). I’ve kind of been saving it for warmer weather, but can definitely see it with a yellow cardigan and jeans, tucked into a bright blue skirt I have, and paired with a navy blazer and army green skinnies. Stay tuned!

  • Ooh, I really like a lot of your purchases this month, especially the floral tee, dog sweater, and striped dress :) I’m visiting from Fran’s link up :)

    • Brynn! Nice of you to stop by! Thanks for checking out the blog! I think you’ve summed up my style well: puppies and stripes!

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