Save or Splurge?, Vol. 8: Pink & Red Stripe Sweater

Merona Red Striped Sweater Target
Save or Splurge? is a post where I’ll show you an item from Target and its higher end version that potentially inspired it.

Oh hey, more stripes on this blog. Are you even the slightest bit surprised? You SHOULD be (no really you shouldn’t) because these stripes are pink. Pink is not my favorite color (not even close), but there is something about it mixed with white and red that just makes it a bit better. Take these sweaters for example, I would definitely rock either one of them. The one on the left can be found at Saks Fifth Avenue (here) by a brand I’m not familiar with (Tsumori Chisato) and retails for $250. Target’s version from Merona (here) is on the right and sells for $20. Both feature red and pink stripes on a white background. I love that both sweaters have the stripes continuing on the sleeves, which is a bonus.

I’m biased to the Target version because I can save $230, and because I think the lone black stripe adds a bit of edge to the otherwise Valentine’s Day color palette. What do you think?

  • I just saw another blogger style this Target sweater on instagram and was hunting for it. Now your post just solidified it for me that I need to own it myself . Thanks for sharing!

    • Lindsey! So glad that you found it. It really is a great looking sweater. I’m leaning towards getting the other color! Thanks for commenting!

  • Rebecca B

    I actually like the Target version a lot better. It just looks way cuter!

  • Meghan Hayes

    Once again, I like the target version better!