DIY: J.Crew Inspired Necklace

diy j crew inspired necklace with brooches

Hey all, kind of a fun post for me to do today. I like statement necklaces. A lot. I don’t have $228 to spend on one of them. If you don’t either, then you might want to keep reading.

I loved the J.Crew Garden Lattice Necklace. It packed a lot of statement into a beautiful, timeless looking piece that wasn’t gaudy. I had been on the lookout for something similar that wasn’t going to fall apart immediately or lose stones or luster, etc. Plus, I knew I had a ton of vintage brooches lying around that I tend to wear very seldomly. Putting those two together with this blog post inspiration from Bromeliad (here) created this stunner of a necklace.

Here are the supplies I used, including a clearance brooch and pair of earrings from Target. Basically you need anywhere from 6-9 baubles (sizes of these items will impact design/size of your necklace). I used six pieces to create my necklace: three brooches (two I already owed and the clearance one from Target), one statement earring (I bent the post stick down to use), and two flower beads/buttons from Michael’s craft store.

You’ll also want some jump rings (if you are following my technique), some needle nose pliers (crafting ones work well), some chain link to give the necklace length, and one clasp/closure to connect the chain ends. All my supplies cost me about $15. Score.

do it yourself j.crew inspired brooch necklace

You can click the Bromeliad link above to piece together the necklace using the technique she used. Bromeliad has a necklace template link that you can print out. I used that, but then went onward with a slightly different piecing together technique that worked for me and my baubles, but might not work for everyone.

Lay out your bauble on the sheet of paper in the design that you like for your necklace.

Mine was looking too chunky, so I took out some of the smaller ones. I used the pliers to open and close jump rings and hook the chain onto the end pieces using the jump rings through the button holes on the back. Then I linked the other button whole on the flower piece to an opening on a brooch (see how the brooch has lots of open space to do that). From there I just kept looking for small opening to hook jump rings to and kind of linked together a chain of baubles.

Finish up by using the jump rings to hook the closures on, and you have yourself a J.Crew. Inspired necklace. If you need any help (because I did not take step by step photos, whoops), just let me know in the comments, and I’ll see what I can do!

Stay tuned for an outfit on how I styled my necklace for its first wear!

j.crew inspired necklace DIY

  • Rebecca B

    This is so pretty! I don’t rock statement necklaces very well, but I definitely like your low-cost diy approach…they can be super expensive.

    • Thanks B! I should have worn it last night, but bailed on the dress at the last moment. #winteristheworst

  • Meghan Hayes

    WHAT?! This is amazing! I love it!

  • Sarah

    This looks fab!! And it’s extra special because no one else will be wearing the same one.

    • Thanks Sarah! And yes, that’s kind of what I love about DIY jewelry in general. No chance of wearing the same thing as someone!

  • This is wonderful!! This is a fabulous idea and so easy to make! This necklace looks like you bought it!

  • Amy

    SO awesome!

  • the coattail effect

    amazing DIY!! it turned out beautifully :)

    btw I love the concept of your blog! I am also a fellow Target fanatic, and it’s great to see you style fashionable and affordable pieces

    • Thank you so much for the nice comments! I’m pumped you like the blog and hope you stick around for more!

  • Kathi

    Love it! I may have to try this! First a trip to the thrift store then on to creating!!