Save or Splurge?, Vol. 9: Floral Print Blazer

floral print blazer jacket Target
Save or Splurge? is a post where I’ll show you an item from Target and its higher end version that potentially inspired it.

Florals, so novel for spring, right? You’re probably sick of them after Sunday’s On Trend post (see it here if you missed it), but hey, welcome to my blog and welcome to the upcoming spring season. At least it isn’t stripes, huh? (I secretly wish it was)

So I read Gal Meets Glam (a very good fashion blog), and Julia was wearing a beautiful floral print blazer in a post, and I was like, man that blazer looks so cute and so familiar. I probably went to Target that day or the next day (because I actually live there) and spotted its identical twin on the racks. The Lovers and Friends blazer is on the left and retails here for $189, while the matching one from Target (here) sells for $28.

What say you? The Target one looks a bit more airy and light (read not as structured), but for such a trendy piece, you can’t really beat the price difference.

  • Rebecca B

    I want to try that on and see if I can pull it off…also YOU should try it on! I actually prefer the less-structured version. Not so shocking considering I don’t wear blazers..

    • Next time I’m there I’ll do a special request try on for you! This could be your first blazer!! My little B, all grown up! ;)