Birdy Graphics

Target Merona bird graphic sweater and green skirt

bird graphic sweater and green print skirt Target

bird graphic sweater, green pattern skirt

bird graphic sweater

Target bird graphic sweater

bird graphic sweater

Some days you show up to work in old-ish ankle boots, and everyone is super dressed up because our office is hosting a big meeting for corporate planning.

Some days you don’t get the memo that this is happening, so you wore said ankle boots and a bird sweater. A graphic bird sweater. With old scruffy ankle boots. Cute for the blog? Yes (don’t worry I answer my own questions). Cute for work with executives? Probs not.

Don’t worry guys. They send out an email to not eat the food that is provided to these meeting attendees, but this is because food is SUPER important. Just so you know. ;)


  • Rebecca B

    I loooooooove this whole outfit and especially the skirt! That sucks about the important people day though!

    • Thaaaaanks B! I figured you would be a fan of the skirt, and animal sweaters really make everything better!

  • Meghan Hayes

    I love the monochromatic-ish look. There’s so much graphic, texture, pattern going on here that there’s a lot of interest.
    Sorry the suits showed up when you’re looking so cute! ;)

  • i just stumbled upon your blog today and am excited to be a new reader considering 99% of my wardrobe comes from target! in fact, i own both of these two pieces – i’m not sure if i ever would have paired them together, so thanks for the inspiration!

    • Heidi! Thank you so much! That made my day! I find the skirt hard to wear with a lot of things, but loved it with the sweater. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

      • you’re so welcome, i love finding new bloggers to follow, especially those who shop at similar stores or have a similar style to me, so i am sure i will really enjoy your blog!