Five for Friday, Vol. 20 – Cardi Party

Target Merona cardigan party
*”Five for Friday” is where I feature five items from Target’s website that I am lusting after and feel could work wonders, if I had them in my daily wardrobe.

So besides an awesome giveaway this Friday, I also am having a cardi party (don’t forget to enter House of Charms and I’s giveaway here)!

I have been obsessed with Merona cardigans for what seems to be forever to me. Like, one time in college, I counted all the ones I had, and it was over 25, which is crazy. Because NO ONE needs that many cardigans. I’ve tamed it down since then (and started collecting blazers), but I still love me a cardi party*. Check out the ridiculously adorable spring cardigans that are definitely bringing a smile to my face. I can’t even pick a favorite, can you?!

*Also in my college cardigan time, I would wear cardigans…to the bars. My friend C and I called them party cardis…because we were SUPER cool.

  1. Merona Spotted Black Crewneck Cardigan
  2. Merona Hot Orange Print Crewneck Cardigan
  3. Merona Pink Bike Print V-Neck Cardigan
  4. Merona Beige/Lime Juice Print V-Neck Cardigan
  5. Merona Heather Gray Stripe V-Neck Cardigan

  • Meghan Hayes

    Orange print and bikes. Must have in my life!

  • I wore cardigans to bars too, haha. Mine were from Zara and I must have had 25 too! Well… I still do, because most of them are even after years still in pretty good shape! I’m a cardi lover, but am now focussing on getting more fun sweaters into my wardrobe :) xo