On New Clothing Items…

green Old Navy cargo pants, Loft scallop tee, Target blazer

green cargo pants and black blazer

green cargo pants, black blazer, black and white scallop tee, tan tote bag Target

tan cognac tote bag Target

green cargo pants and black and white stripes

black and white Ann Taylor Loft scallop tee, blazer, green pants

So real life question here…how long does it normally take you to wear newly purchased clothing items?

I think I’m a mix of Team Wait Forever and Team Wear It NOW! I used to be of the camp that it had to hang out in my closet while I admire its shiny newness. Once you wear it, it kind of loses its fun, right (unless you get proposed to or win the lottery or meet Andrew Luck from the Colts)? However, lately, I’ve embraced wearing some items as soon as possible, so that I can optimize the number of times I can wear them. No sense in waiting for a “rainy day” to wear your new favorite tee, right?

So on that note, three of the five items I’m wearing today are new. The Target tan tote (more on that to come this week in a full review) and the green pants from Old Navy were purchased at the very beginning of March as awesome staples that I was missing. They kind of got to hang around for a while and get use to my closet. The scallop stripe tee from Ann Taylor Loft? Purchased this weekend during their awesome sale and worn pretty much immediately. So a little bit of both philosophies!

How about you? Let me know in the comments!


  • On Target item: Mossimo Blazer (Spring 2013 – though I hope they bring them back this year; similar 1; similar 2)
  • Tee: Ann Taylor Loft (exact)
  • Tote: Merona, Target (exact – watch out for a post later this week for a review)
  • Pants: Old Navy (exact – LOVE them especially b/c they come in talls!)
  • Ankle Boots: Old Navy (exact)

  • Sarah

    It really depends on the item for me! I still haven’t worn that printed blouse or flats from my February budget yet because it’s not warm enough to wear them the way I want to just yet. Grr.

    • Oooo that’s such a good point, Sarah! I totally agree you want something to “shine” the first time you wear it!

  • Meghan Hayes

    Sometimes I’ll purchase things for the next time the season comes around and I won’t wear them for a year. Part of my new goal is to make sure I wear things in a decent amount of time though and several different ways.

    • I think that’s a fair way to handle it Meghan! Especially since you can sometimes get some great deals on like post-winter sales and such! That’s how I stumbled upon my awesome green winter-ish jacket from Target! Best of luck in your wearing goal!

  • i’m definitely in the “wear it now” camp. if something hangs in my closet too long, it makes me think it wasn’t a purchase worth making in the first place if i’m not excited about wearing the item!

    i love this outfit and the combination of pieces you put together – that tote is something awesome (i’m a big, big fan of merona bags/purses/totes/etc myself) and i love the length of your pants and how they fall over the tops of your boots as weird as that may sound!

    • Oooo. Great way of thinking Heidi! I might have to adopt that way of thinking, because I really like that.

      Thanks for the nice compliments! I too love Merona bags, so I’m sure we’ll be fast friends ;)! And THANK YOU for the pants compliment!! My pants are never EVER long enough, so I appreciate it and love Old Navy for these.

  • I’m a Wear It Now girl! I love buying new items and then wearing them either the next day or as soon as I can if it’s a fancier item! Sometimes I buy items out of season and then I’m sad because I have to wait!

    • Such a good outlook on this, Sara. I too get sad about waiting to wear out of season items, but not winter items this year! Good riddance! :)