Snaky Stripes + Stripe Skirt Remix

yellow shirt and black and white Merona Target skirt with snakeskin pumps

stripe skirt and yellow shirt

snakeskin Target heels pumps

yellow blouse, black and white stripe Target skirt

snakeskin pumps with stripe skirt

Holy cats, I mixed stripes with snakeskin today and loved it! How great is this skirt that it looks good with everything? Even a blouse that I thrifted a while back that might be too big now (still going to wear it tucked in folks, sorry ’bout ya)!?

Here are three ways that I have worn this skirt, and seriously, I have like a mountain of ideas for how to continue to wear it. Stripes are so versatile for me, and the black and white color combo makes it so easy. I’m planning on wearing this skirt forever! Which one is your favorite look?

Target stripe skirt remix

Any other ideas on how to style it in the future? Let me know in the comments!

Ps. Linking up with Bri at Work Clothes I Suppose for this remix! Check out all the other ladies and their remixes there (I know I will be)!

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  • Danielle

    I have an almost idential skirt from Old Navy, and I seriously love it. The styling options are ENDLESS! I love how it looks with your mustard blouse and then the pattern mixing with the snakeskin heels!
    <3 danielle
    ps you should come add your link to my link up from yesterday- many days, many ways!

    • Thanks, Danielle! I completely agree about the styling options! To infinity and beyond! I added my link, thanks so much for recommending it! Love discovering new blogs and new blog friends!

  • i LOVE the subtle pattern mixing with the snakeskin and stripes. that yellow is incredibly gorgeous on you too. i somehow don’t have a striped skirt, but now i know i need one!

    thanks for linking up!

    xo nicole

  • Meghan Hayes

    I absolutely LOVE that you’re mixing this skirt up so much. I cannot pick a favorite!

    • Thanks so much, Meghan! It was a wishlist item for me this year, because I KNEW it would get so much play! It’s almost hard to NOT wear it!

  • Snakeprint, stripes, and yellow?! I love it!

  • I have almost the exact same skirt from Old Navy and I seriously wear it all the time. A couple weeks ago, I saw your outfit with the red shirt/camel cardigan on Pinterest and totally copycatted it! That post will go live later this week, and I’ll link to your post!

    • Andi, the skirt is addicting, I feel you there. Exciting about the copycatting! Thanks for letting me know! I’m excited to see it (this is what I LOVE about blogging)!!

  • Amazing skirt. Love love love it. Especially with the mustard and that amazing tiered pearl necklace. SO dang cute!!

    • Thanks, Bri! And thanks so much for hosting the link up, love a good excuse to wear this skirt and check out other bloggers’ remix options!

  • Amy Hart

    Hi Katie! Great post! I purchased this skirt yesterday. I tried it on in the dressing room and loved it! When I got home, I tried it on for my husband as a potential outfit choice for our night out, and his response was, “Eh.” I threw it back in the bag to return, but then I came across your pictures today on Instagram and feel in love with it again. I’m a size 6. A size 4 would be too tight and a size 8 would be way too big. I feel like it makes me look a tad wide from the front, but that could just be the stripes playing tricks on my eyes. Also, I feel like when I tuck in a shirt, the creases from the shirt show through the skirt. Did you find this at all. Suggestions?!

    • Hey Amy! Thanks for finding me and posing this questions! Did the size 6 fit fine?! Mine is my normal size in Target skirts (size 10) and fits just fine in my opinion (but then again, I guess that’s why I bought it). I would do the size 6 if that’s the one that actually fits. Did they have multiples of the size 6? Sometimes you can try on several of those to see which one looks the best.

      In terms of the creasing of the shirt in the skirt. I haven’t run into this, but it could be because of the tights in two of my looks, which do a ridiculously good job of slimming and compressing “the bunching” of the tucked in shirt. I thought the yellow shirt might pose an issue with that, but it hasn’t yet. Maybe now that it is spring, I’ll be able to try some more looks that doesn’t involve tights? I know that doesn’t really help you now.

      You could also check out other stripe skirts that are out there now, if you like the look, but aren’t in love with the Target version. Here’s one ( and here’s another from Old Navy (! I have the Old Navy one in navy with red anchors and it is pretty thick, but I haven’t worn it yet. Sorry to be so long winded, hope that helps!

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