Five for Friday, Vol. 21 – Earrings

Target earrings
*”Five for Friday” is where I feature five items from Target’s website that I am lusting after and feel could work wonders, if I had them in my daily wardrobe.

Happy Friday, friends! Today is great for so many reasons: I’m off of work; Laura and I get to announce the winner of the giveaway today; it’s almost officially spring, and tomorrow is my bachelorette party (scandalous)! So helllllo Friday!

I have been notoriously bad for buying earrings and never wearing them, but I hoping to break into my jewelry box and bust out some baubles soon. If I don’t find any inspiration from there, I might have to check out one of the above pairs at Target sometime soon. They seem to be calling my name, plus I think earrings are such a fun and easy way to add color or interest to your outfit.

How do you feel about earrings? Do you change them out all the time, or are you like me and stick to a classic pair ALL the time?

  1. Leaf Linear Gold Drop Earrings
  2. Post Top Teardrop Blue/Gold Earrings
  3. Gold Dangle Earrings
  4. Lonna & Lilly Bow Earrings
  5. Flat Teardrop Coral Earrings

  • i am always trying to expand my earrings collection too and target always has so many pretty choices! my struggle is that i like to wear bolder statement necklaces so i tend to keep my earrings simple… but i could always flip that equation!

    • Heidi, this is exactly the reason I think I have trouble! I love me some statement necklace! (and my long hair just covers my ears/face anyways)! I need to work on this some more.