Things I Like Lately, Vol. 2

Another things I like post coming at you. Feel free to skip over these posts, or just enjoy them with me (and leave things in the comments that you are enjoying as well, so that I can check them out).

This week I’m loving:

  • Spring flowers
  • Olivia Palermo and her easy, but chic fashion (see this post and this one). And stripes…always, always stripes.
  • Enjoying my coffee outside on a brisk morning
  • Repeating this mantra over and over.

And now I’m off to Bloomington, IN (my college town) for my bachelorette party weekend. Wish me luck?! All I know is that I get to eat pizza from my favorite pizza joint ever (Mother Bears, if you’re wondering) and get to see some of my favorite ladies ever! All the rest is kind of a surprise? Who knows what kind of fun I’ll have!?

  • Kaci

    Have you seen the striped shirts at Loft? I picked one up already: Have a great time at your bachelorette party!

    • Oooooo Kaci! I love that top! I’ll have to watch out for it during their next 40% off sale! i just bought the striped shorts here ( Yes, stripe problems over here! Thanks so much!

      • Kaci

        No problem! I may have hit the Loft Outlet in Edinburgh on the way to Kentucky this weekend…and picked up another striped shirt!

  • Yes to all of this!! That picture of the coffee and flowers is so pretty!

  • Rebecca B

    Yay! And you also got to drink coffee on a brisk morning post-party. Foreshadow much?