Coral and Gray Florals

Target coral sweater and gray floral scarf

Target coral sweater and gray infinity scarf floral

coral sweater and gray scarf

I know, I know. Sunday’s post featured blush pink, and now I’m wearing coral? You’re wanting to know, “Who are you? And what have you done with Katie who hates pink?”

Blame it on the bachelorette party this weekend and being surrounded by pink drinks, pink banners and streamers, and pink party items. I took today off work, so I’m working on some wedding stuff and just doing some general errand running.

It was 17 degrees when I woke up, so I needed to stay warm and just picked up this coral sweater on super clearance at a local store. has a bevy of colors online, so if you need a few late-season sweaters, you might want to check it out (warning: it is super thin, almost like a waffle thermal tee).


  • Rebecca B

    I really like the sweater. And you look so “I can’t believe it’s this cold and it’s supposed to be Spring”-Chic.

    • Awww, thanks, B! I’ll take it because maybe spring is finally here as of next week. Who knows though?

  • Coral is a pretty color on you! I like it mixed with gray; it’s like a bit of spring and a bit of winter!

  • the color of your sweater is very pleasing to my eye, maybe because i wore a coral sweater today, too! and it was about the same temp when i woke up this morning, so a sweater was pretty much the only thing i wanted to reach for! glad you had a good weekend at your bachelorette party!

    • Heidi! Twins! Our friendship was meant to be. I’m annoyed that spring isn’t here yet, but not that upset that I can continue to wear my blazers and sweaters!

      • i’m with you on that, i haven’t gotten as much wear out of certain wintery clothes i have quite yet.

  • Sarah

    Loving these colors! And I love waffle thermals — so comfy! — but then am always surprised by how thin they are, whomp.

    • Thanks Sarah! And my thoughts exactly! I like them, but never loooove them. Unless they are a pop of coral for $5. I’m a sucker then.