Aqua Blue and Navy Stripes Too

aqua sweater and stripe scarf with cords

target sweater and scarf stripe


scarf knot stripe

Target sweater and stripe scarf

Target aqua sweater and stripe scarf

aqua Merona sweater and navy stripe scarf


Fun fact, I used to take Taekwondo classes and was a black belt in like sixth grade. I don’t practice anymore, but I can almost do white belt form (the first one you learn) and can still rock kicks like anyone’s businesses. I think most of my good upbringing was a result of my parents and their parenting techniques, but I definitely owe some of my lessons in respect and patience to Taekwondo.

So there’s one thing you didn’t know about me…

What’s something a lot of people wouldn’t know about YOU by just looking at you?


  • I used to take karate in middle school and reached a brown belt, but have pretty much forgot it all, except how to properly punch, kick, and use my elbows! Cute sweater!

    • Thanks Sara! I would have never guessed that about you, but I really like the last one: using your elbows! Get it girl!

  • Meghan Hayes

    I love how you tied and styled the scarf. Ingenious.
    People are usually surprised when I tell them my favorite band is The White Stripes. I guess they don’t initially peg me as someone who likes alternative rock.

    • Thanks Meghan! Someone on Instagram was saying how thy are always looking for new ways to tie scarves, and I was like “ME TOO!”, so I think I lucked into this one.

      The White Stripes + J.Crew + the farm + chalkboard markers?! You, my friend, are a mystery, and I like it! Thanks for sharing!

  • Amy

    Before I read this post, I thought that’s a pretty decent kick. Ha. Now I know why. I am not any color belt but I love kickboxing.

    • Hahaha! Thanks Amy! I love the few kickboxing classes I took at my college gym, but I’m the least graceful person ever, so it never turned out well. Haha!

  • Kristen Warren

    I’m pretty much an open book! Though most people don’t know I’m Australian by looking at me – I guess I look American! ;-)

    • I would have never guessed that! Do you have an accent and do people make you say things all the time in that accent?! Because I would…because I’m THAT annoying friend! Thanks for sharing, Kristen! :)

      • Kristen Warren

        ha not at all – people’s first reaction is a) to tell me i dont have an accent or b) say something very cliche like g’day mate or put another shrimp on the barbie – they like to act australian but don’t ask me to. people are funny ;-)

  • Rebecca B

    I love this scarf. I think I was there when you bought it? The Tog? NICE KICK!!!

    • Definitely The Tog purchase. This was the same visit I think when the lady made me try on the dress for her daughter. Cue awkwardness!

      And we need to go back soon!