Dark Green and Leopard Scene









A week of jeans because it is super cold outside? Don’t mind if I do, corporate American company.

Even when we get to wear jeans to work, I try to keep the rest of my look on the professional side (business on top, comfy on bottom). This is mainly so I don’t feel slobby, but also, because I don’t want to be “that” 20-year-old something that they write the corporate dress codes for!

Flip flops? Exposed spaghetti straps? Short skirts? No, thank you. I’m all for all of those in their own space and place, but not in my little cubicle.

What are your thoughts on corporate dress code? I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not perfect. Example, I wear my black jeans and pass them off as skinny dress pants. Guilty.


  • Kaci

    Loving the leopard! I am definitely guilty of wearing black jeans in lieu of dress pants at work. When we have jeans days on Fridays, we’re supposed to still dress professionally from the waist up. But I see enough people in hoodies, Uggs, and sweatpants, which I think is too far.

    • I agree. WAY too far. I think our companies have similar views, so that’s comforting at least?! Though I guarantee I might see a sweatsuit today. Rough.

  • Kristen Warren

    I have pretty much the same standards – no short skirts or tank tops here. But, the last few fridays I have worn flip flops because I have a blister on my little toe that will just not heal! When I was younger, I wore sweatpants, uggs etc and I just felt far too comfy and casual and would end up slacking at work – if I take pride in my appearance, even on ‘casual’ days, I still feel like working. If that makes sense.

    • That makes total sense, Kristen! (so does wearing flip flops with hurt toes). Good point!

  • Sarah

    Love the top/blazer combo! May have to steal this :)

  • Rebecca B

    My dress code literally says “Able to be distinguished from students.” I’m not sure my outfits really qualify. We also have jeans Fridays. I’m really bad at this.

    • Hahahaha. Love it. Love it. Love it. I feel like that leaves a lot up to interpretation?!

  • a hunter green blazer?! yes, please! gosh i love merona. and i wonder why businesses even bother to have dress codes anymore, at least in all of the places i’ve worked it doesn’t seem like it is enforced because some people’s outfits cause me to do a double-take. i bet dress codes can be hard to enforce though if you really teeter that line. ah well, i think you look fantastic!

    • I’m with you there with the love of Merona. Can’t. Get. Enough.

      Good point on archaic dress codes. We got a few days of jeans this week, and I was honestly wondering why anyone has to dress up any more? It’s probably to stop the wearers of paint splattered jeans and old college sweatshirts (both of which I wear, but at home).