Five for Friday, Vol. 22 – Black and White

Target black and white
*”Five for Friday” is where I feature five items from Target’s website that I am lusting after and feel could work wonders, if I had them in my daily wardrobe.

Oh hey friends. I’ve been leaning towards a minimalist vibe lately, and while spring is suppose to be bright and full of colors, I’m looking to balance that out with some neutral pieces, including some in black and white. That’s why all my Five for Friday items this week have that color combo going on.

It’s classic. It’s chic. And it goes with EVERYTHING. From your neon pinks to your cobalt blues to your red hot reds, black and white is always going to be there for you. It’s like chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Makes sense, right?

Check out how to interject some black and white in your life:

  1. Merona Jacquard Sweater
  2. Merona Polka Dot Tee
  3. Merona Eyelet Skirt
  4. Merona White Jeans (I can wear these right, even if I am a spilling machine?)
  5. Mossimo Drapey Tank (soooo chic)

  • Kristen Warren

    clearly i need to stop checking your blog, as i blame you for the increase in my online shopping (or at least, that’s what i will tell the hubs).
    oh, and i would never dare wear white jeans because i am the queen of spilling things on everyone, most often myself.

    • Hahahaha. Blame away…I have broad shoulders?! ;)

      And super glad that I’m not alone with this…klutzes of the world unite!