March 2014 Budget

Oh budgeting. I probably should have never started this, even though I love this post and the reflection of what I bought. I’m just not under budget this month…let’s just say that right now. Luckily, I had a little reserve from the past months to cover my extra spending.

Check out March’s budget below to see the damage (split into retail stores and thrifted goods breakdown again).

March 2014 Budget

March 2014 Budget
+ Merona Snakeskin Pump; Target – $24 ($30 originally – here)
+ Merona Hot Air Balloon Gray Favorite Blouse; Target – $20 ($23 originally – here)
+ Army Green The Rockstar Pants; Old Navy – $24.50 ($35 originally – here)
+ Merona Striped Pocket Top; Target – $20 ($25 originally – here)
+ Merona Cognac Tote Bag; Target – $22 ($35 originally – here; review here)
+ Merona Orange Print Chino Shorts; Target – $16 ($20 originally – here)
+ Mossimo Supply Co. Polka Dot Easy Waist Dress; Target – $15 ($25 originally – here)
+ Sam and Libby Leopard Ankle Boots; Target – $12 ($40 originally – major score – here)
+ Merona Grid Shirt; Target – $20 ($25 originally – here)
+ Mossimo Supply Co. Pointelle Coral Sweater; Target – $5 ($20 originally – here)
+ Black Baseball Cap; Target – $4 ($7 originally – here)
+Mossimo Supply Co. Ruffle Front Dress; Target – $15 ($25 originally – here)
+ Scallop Black and White Stripe Tee; Ann Taylor Loft – $15 ($34.50 originally – here)
+ Navy and White Striped Shorts; Ann Taylor Loft – $30 ($49.50 originally – here)
+ Scallop Hem Skirt; Ann Taylor Loft – $42 ($69.50 originally – here)

Total Retail: $284.50

+ Rampage Nude Pumps; thrifted – $15 ($50 originally; similar here)

Total Thrifted: $15

Goal: $250
Total Spent: $299.50
Amount Under/Over: -$49.50 = $250 – $299.50
Total Saved: $164 = $463.50 (if not on sale) – $299.50
Item Count: 16
Carryover to Next Month: $6.30 = $55.80 – $49.50

Thoughts on my purchases this month: I definitely bought too much (hello over budget for the first time), but did end up getting some staple pieces (tote, snakeskin pumps, green army pants) along with some fun pieces (can anyone say hot air balloon blouse?). I also loved pieces from the Loft, which were more expensive then my regular Target items (though I always wait for a 40% off sale there). I’m super happy with the items I purchased, and I’m doubting that I will be spending that much in April due to the wedding/honeymoon (though a few of the items here will be worn during the honeymoon and were specifically purchased for that trip). But who knows what will happen in the early weeks of April?!

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  • wow, you got a lot of stuff! I agree that you made some good purchases (even if you were over budget!). I suspect you will be able to wear these items a lot, so you’ll probably get your money’s worth!

    • Thanks Andi! I agree with you completely (and you made me feel a bit better about it all)!

  • We all go over budget from time to time… it happens! But it looks like you got a lot of great basics and I’m loving the tote you got!

    • Thanks Rachel. I think I just needed to hear that, and you all are so great and encouraging!

  • Oh I love those striped shorts! You did get a lot of good staple pieces. I was a little overbudget too this month, buy hey, sometimes that just happens!

    Katie | Style Diary

    • Thanks Katie! I’m pretty much obsessed with the shorts, so can’t wait for warmer days ahead!

  • You got so many pretty things! I think it’s okay that you’re over budget this month since spring just started and ever store in the planet is selling new stuff. How are you supposed to resist right?

  • Meghan Hayes

    You got a great variety of things. Mine is almost all tops. :/ I do not know how that keeps happening. I can forgive going over when you get staples. It makes sense, especially if you get really good deals on the pieces that you need, like you always do. :)

  • Ginny

    Spring comes and it’s easy to get a case of “buy all the things” love these polka dot shorts!

    • Exactly! You get me, Ginny! Especially since I want spring weather to come so quickly too!

  • What an awesome Target haul! I love the bag and the leopard booties, they look way more expensive than something you’d be able to find at Target.

    • Aubrey! I could not believe my luck with those booties! Only ones in the store, calling my name!

      • That is how you know you have to have them. :)

  • i really liked reading this post as i think we have a pretty similar mentality toward shopping and gravitate toward the same stores. i eyed that loft scallop hem skirt as well but most of my clothes continue to come from target, old navy… it’s nice to find other bloggers who frequent those stores too and also incorporate thrifting. i think you did great for the quantity of items you purchased!

    do you ever use coupons from, their mobile app, or cartwheel? since you are such an avid target shopper i thought i would throw those out because they offer so many great clothing coupons/deals each week!

    • I agree with your comment about finding bloggers who have a similar style at a similar price point!! It makes it seem that much more connected!

      I am a big user of coupons, the mobile app, and Cartwheel (which is why some of my items look so much lower than normal price) but I love when people remind me about them, since I’m not in the best habit of looking for them all the time. Someone on Instagram broke down the cardigan pricing for me, and it was amazing. People helping people…buy things…I like!! ;)

      • Just FYI, the helpful checkout lady at Target told me yesterday that you can scan any item now with the Cartwheel app to see if there’s a coupon.

        • i love that feature so much!

        • THIS IS EVEN BETTER NEWS! Laura, you’re amazing! Thanks for sharing that tidbit!

      • it is hard to keep up with so many different promotions target offers now… paper coupons from their website, coupons on the mobile app, cartwheel… but i honestly think the cartwheel app is the greatest thing that ever happened to my target shopping habits. :) i’m pretty sure there’s a clothing coupon or two on the regular target mobile app so that could definitely make for some cheap cardis! now i just have to justify to myself that i have room for more cardigans in my closet…

  • Great purchases! I bought a few new dresses and tops last year for my honeymoon and I was glad that I did. It was nice to have fresh new pieces on the special trip.

    I really love the striped and polka dot shorts you got and that baseball cap! It definitely seems like you got a lot of great staple items!

    • I like where your head is at, Katie. I’m going to use that line on The Fiance. He’ll love it.

  • Oh my goodness! I love SO much of what you got. Of course, all the stripes are amazing. :) Should I run to Target for that tote today? I’ve been hunting a large congac tote forever! I have another smaller Merona open top bag my mom bought me last month, but the open top (just a button) is driving me crazy. Also, can you send me a link to the shoes you mentioned on my page? Thanks so much!

    • Just got back from browsing Target shoes. Have you tried the Melanie pump or the Emma ballet flat by Merona? Thanks!

      • Ooooo. Fully support the buying of the tote. It is so so so great and can fit a lot and be closed with a zipper.

        Here are the tortoise shoes (they inspired an upcoming On Trend post): I have them in the snakeskin, and love them, but I think people have found them hit/miss.

        I have not tried the Melanie pump (too high for me), and have one pair of the Emma flats that I got 1.5 years ago, but am not a fan of them (not sure whether they’ve changed since then though). I have the black/white version of these: and am obsessed with how comfy and fancy looking they are.

        Hope that helps!

  • You got so many great things! I tried on those Loft shorts yesterday and was in LOVE.

    • Thanks Laura! The shorts are so perfect and a great material. I can’t wait to wear them!

  • Ooooh hot air balloon blouse – so fun! I really love LOFT – I don’t buy much there, but you can get some really great deals that totally make it worth it!

    • I’ve loved all their stuff this year, especially, so it’s been hard to stay away from the adorableness!

  • Kristen Warren

    looks like you had a fabulous month! some super cute items and lots of stripes and polka dots, my faves.

  • I love that polka dot dress! I have a black one like it that I wear all the time, so maybe it’s a piece from which I would get a lot of wear. Plus, you can’t go wrong with snake skin – those pumps are great!

    • Thanks Anna Belle. Nothing better than polka dots and I scored this bad boy for $15 during a weekly online deal, so maybe it will occur again?!

  • I got those same Old Navy pants but I’m not sure I like them yet! I’ll have to try them on again but my first impression is that they made my butt look saggy, weird I know! Maybe I just need a smaller size. No idea.
    Visiting from the link up :)
    Exploring My Style

    • Oooo. I did not have the butt sag problem, but I think I might have gotten them in a smaller size than normal? Can’t remember, but I love them! :)