Things I Like Lately, Vol. 3

Another things I like post coming at you. Feel free to skip over these posts, or just enjoy them with me (and leave things in the comments that you are enjoying as well, so that I can check them out).

This week I’m loving:

  • Peonies (even though they are pink)
  • Bike rides and baskets of flowers
  • And that’s the truth Vincent (van Gogh)!
  • Anything with avocado in it, but especially this sandwich (via here)

This is one of my last free weekends before the wedding, so I’ll be drinking coffee, getting some puppy snuggles in, and tying up some loose wedding ends before April arrives. How about you?

  • Sarah Simpson

    Loving avocado right now! That sandwich looks delicious!

  • These pictures make me want spring so badly! Technically it is spring, but it still doesn’t feel like it!

  • Laura

    I love how bright and full peonies are! And those avocado sandwiches look amazing!!

  • Rebecca B

    Peonies are gorgeous and smell AMAZING! I could eat that whole stack of avocado sandwiches right now.