On Trend: Chain Link

Target chain link pattern trend

Sooo, I’m not sure what to call this pattern other than a chain link graphic pattern, but it is certainly on trend at Target right now (it also comes in orange in the cardigans). I’m in love with this pattern. It’s classic with a hint of fun to it, and it does add a preppy, fun feel to every outfit.

I can’t decide whether I like it more in the skirt or the pants, which is why I haven’t made a purchase yet. I’m leaning towards the pants, mainly because I have been looking for a fun, printed pant to try. Your thoughts?

    1. Merona Doubleweave Pencil Skirt (the BEST skirts ever, in my opinion – $23!)
    2. Merona Crew Neck Cardigan
    3. Merona V-Neck Cardigan
    4. Merona Tailored Ankle


  • are we the same person?! i gush over the merona doubleweave skirts all the time on my blog and i was JUST looking at the target weekly ad for this week and was really attracted to this cardigan in the orange color! it is a unique print for sure, target does that so well. i’m sure i’ll be picking that one up this week since they’re on sale & there’s a cartwheel and i need some more orange in my life!

    • I’m starting to think that we are! Seriously, they are the BEST skirts. I have a hard time look for pencil skirts elsewhere (Loft is my other go to).

      And go for the orange girl!! It’s almost impossible not to buy them this week!

      • i just may, i’ll have to decide if its different enough from the other orange cardigans i already have or if they have other patterns in store i like better!

  • Amy

    Go for the printed pants! I love the printed pants I see in magazines, and I love them on the hangers, but whenever I try them on they just don’t look right. Maybe because I haven’t worn printed pants since I was about five. Those do look like a good “starter” print, though.

    • This is my thought process exactly! Except, I laughed out loud when I read “starter pant” because that is just too darn perfect. :)