Reach for the Flats









So where the heck did the weekend go!? It seemed like it was a blur that included some delicious food (Panera breakfast sandwich, tacos, guacamole and chips, pizza, and cookies), some wrapping up of last minute wedding details, some shopping (whoops – don’t worry, it will go towards April’s budget), Divergent (my opinion: good storyline, super hunky hunk, and not the world’s best acting), and general relaxation.

Also, since it is spring break week here, our office has let us have ANOTHER week of jeans. Glorious. It was finally nice enough to break out these Merona flats that I had to have. And I LOVE them. Super cool look and super comfortable. After wearing them, I had to be restrained from Target, since I now want every SINGLE color they make them in. But I was strong just bought other stuff on my visits there instead.

ps. Judging by my hair in these photos, I am in need a serious haircut…which will have to come after the wedding unfortunately.