Outtakes: April Fools Treat


Oh hey, dear readers. Happy April Fools Day! More like Happy early Birthday to my younger brother, R, who’s real birthday is going to be ruined by my wedding (5 days before his birthday, folks…worst sister ever).

Instead of an outfit post today, I thought I’d “treat” you all to some awesome outtakes from my photo shoots with The Fiance. How our photo sessions go is that he takes anywhere from 25-50 photos of me. I run out of poses by shot 16, so I laugh my way through the rest of it, while The Fiance snaps away and tries to give me direction (he’s the best EVER folks, seriously…do you know what he puts up with?). We’re constantly battling the wind, weather (who thought starting a style blog near the beginning of winter was a good idea), sun, and my own antics. Enjoy these outtakes, and I’ll try to do more at a later date (because lord knows we have enough to do so).

ps. R, don’t save all of these to your computer. Please. Love, me.


one day...

  • Rebecca B

    These. Are. Hilarious. My favorite is definitely the one where you’re holding coffee with hair in your face. Don’t worry, it’s not like you’ll get to see them all again on April 12th or anything. ;)

  • These are priceless!! My favorite is the one with your hair in your face too! I need to do a blooper post too!

  • Meghan Hayes

    Awwww! My pups likes to make cameo appearances too. It’s like the camera has magnets in it.

    • Riiiiight? Cooper is part Australian Shepard and they’re know as “velcro dogs” meaning they never ever leave your side. Great for companionship…not great for personal style blogs. Good thing I still love him…:)

  • these are too funny! i love the shot of your hair in your face holding the coffee too, heheh.

  • These are hilarious. I love the windy picture on the right–it’s so cute!

    And don’t feel too bad about the wedding date. We scheduled ours for Mother’s Day weekend–sometimes conflicting holidays/celebrations are just unavoidable :)