Save or Splurge?, Vol. 12: Mint Satchels

mint satchel purse Target
Save or Splurge? is a post where I’ll show you an item from Target and its higher end cousin.

Finding a mint “item” was on my 2014 Wishlist, so I have been keeping my eye peeled for things that I like that are mint. That’s how I spotted this beaut of a purse online at (on the right, here). Traditional satchel shape, but in a spring-y mint color that is quite on trend right now. And you can’t really beat the $40 for a brand new bag. The classic look of the purse made me think of this mint leather version from Fossil (on the left, here) that retails for $178.

Both are gorgeous mint shades (though the Target one leans towards aqua), so you can’t really go wrong. The fact that this is such a “trend bag” makes me lean to the Target version, but then again…that is usually the case.

  • Angela

    I decided to save on this very Target bag instead of splurging on a $400+ Kate Spade version and I love it! I’ve gotten so many complements! (And several people have assumed that it was a very expensive designer bag too!)

    • This is like reason #451 why I love Target. That’s so awesome, Angela! Ps. I love the name of your blog!

      • Angela

        thanks! :)

  • Lisa Bartlett

    They are BOGO 50% off online right now. I am tempted to get the mint one and brown “leather” one too. Of course I could use a new weekender bag. :)

    • Ahhhhh Lisa. Don’t tell me that! But yes, I encourage buying ALL of the purses! Options you know. :)

  • Loving mint right now too! Definitely the save one!

  • Amy

    I got a beautiful reddish coral Merona satchel a couple years ago and got many compliments. A waitress even asked me where I got it. It was a budget blogger favorite so maybe you know it. In fact, I think Kendi had it. (So of course I had to have it). It’s fun to get a color pop item and find out how much it goes with!

    • Oh man, I think I know exactly which one you’re talking about. Turnlock on it? That bag is gorgeous. Nerd girl alert: I love everything Kendi!!!!!

      I love when stuff like that happens (random stranger comments). I agree about the color pop and sometimes that can even escalate an outfit from plain to AWESOME. Love it.

  • Amy

    Yes! It has a tortous shell turnlock. Makes it look classy. That reminds me- do you have the Target app? I could never find this bag when I was at the store. (Which made me want it more, of course). So I started stalking it on the app and one day there was one available at the closest Target! I got in the car immediately, drove to Target, and made a beeline to the bags. There it was all by itself. And the rest is history.

    • Score! Yes, I’m that annoying person in line at Target that has the Target app, the Cartwheel app, online coupons, and my Red card ready to go. That’s how we dooooo! ;)

  • Crystal Clements

    This is a hard one especially as mints and blushes seem to really be the colour of spring this year. But, for $40 you can’t go wrong with the Target bag! It’s so adorable!

    • I mean, I agree. Mainly because mint has been sticking around for at least 4 years not as a steady favorite, but I’m with you?! $40…done.