Black and Tan (Flats That Is)








Isn’t this flat wearing weather awesome? I love breaking out my flats after a long, dreadful winter (which apparently isn’t over yet, my hometown got 2 inches of snow yesterday after having a 60 degree day Monday). Midwest weather is crazy right now, but I’ll take the 60 degree weather we’re getting here in Indianapolis.

On Monday, The Fiance and I got to take a long bike ride to a favorite Mexican restaurant, and it was glorious. Exactly what cures the Monday blues for me: bikes, open road, fresh air, and guacamole (always guacamole). But it’s Wednesday now, so let’s boycott the Monday blues until next week okay? What do you do to cure the Monday blues?!

ps. Yes, my butt is still sore from riding the bike. Thank you for asking!


  • I’m so glad I can finally wear flats again! I would wear flats in the winter too if my toes wouldn’t fall off! You look great in orange!