Stripes, Chambray, and Leopard…Oh My!









I love this shirt and had to wear it right away after buying it from Ann Taylor Loft this week (see my dressing room Insta post here). I might never wear another outfit again. So sorry that this blog was so short lived. This is the perfect outfit for me (okay, so not for work), and it only consists of three items. Three!

It’s got print mixing (leopard and stripes). It’s got details (peek of chambray, strip of studs on the shoes). It’s got classic elements (jeans, stripes). And to top it all off? It has a supreme ease and comfort to it. Sure, it will look ridiculously good with a giant statement necklace or a red skirt or under a vest, but right now, I think it is looking pretty good with just jeans and flats.

Amazing how an outfit this easy can make you feel and look so good! Do you have any items in your closet that provide such ease and perfection? Let me know!


  • I have this exact outfit on my “to-wear” list! Except I’ll have to actually layer 2 shirts!

  • That shirt is so so awesome! I love that it looks like you’re wearing two shirts, but it isn’t! Those are the most comfy! This cracked me up: “So sorry that this blog was so short lived.”

  • Oh man, this is one of my favorite outfits… I wear the exact same stripes/chambray/denim/leopard combo allll the time! Sometimes I dress it up with a big bib necklace :)

    • Ooooo Emma! I can’t wait to do more with this outfit! Glad we’re rocking similar combos too!

  • Crystal Clements

    Love this look with the stripes and the pop of chambray! Also loving that we were loafer twins for the day!

    • Hahaha Crystal! I saw it, and immediately had to tell you. The loafers are toooo perfect too!

  • I didn’t realize that was one shirt – I thought you had layered. Love it!
    Katie – See What Katie Wears

  • Kristen Warren

    that is amazing that it is an all in one! i love when you find an awesome and comfy outfit that looks just as good as it feels. out of the park, lady!

    • Thanks, Kristen! It’s so easy to wear, it’s really not fair to the other shirts in my closet!

  • Meghan Hayes

    These are my favorites together!

  • Sarah

    That Loft shirt is perfection. Also I’m not sure why this is the first time I noticed your very pretty engagement ring.

    • Awwww, Sarah! Thank you! I’ll pass that on to The Fiance as he did it all on his own (with text messaging help from my best friend, B)!

  • no way, that shirt is one piece with the chambray attached? that is so clever! i bet you could even fold it up if you wanted just the effect of a striped tee, but it eliminates the bulk and fussiness of layering a button-down underneath a shirt. do you remember those, like, half shirts with a collar that were designed to layer underneath sweaters so you could show off a collar but eliminate the bulk of an entire shirt?! omg i actually found a website that sells them, these. it reminds me of that for some reason! ok, i am totally off topic now, let’s go back to talking about how awesome the shirt YOU’RE wearing is! :)

    • So I just hilariously read that entire website. It’s almost like fake turtleneck/dickies. That is beyond amazing that they sell them (way overpriced in my opinion)! And I loved those shirts when I was younger, and apparently, still do now. Too funny, Heidi!