Ahhh! It’s real life wedding “weekend” time. I’m now off of work now and off to pick up baby brother, R, soon from the airport! It’s wedding prep full speed, even though I think I’m in a really good place prep-wise (though I still have to vacuum the whole dang house…a good housewife, I will not be!).

Thank you all for your sweet well wishes! It really means the world to me, and I’m in love with the blogging community and all my wonderful readers. I’m planning on blogging up to the day of and should be posting pretty regularly (scheduled posts) afterwards! I hope you’ll stick around to see what’s coming up! I’m excited for the future! :)


  • Meghan Hayes

    I love all the black and white so much. The mint gives it such a great touch.

  • Amy

    Love the shirt and shoe pairing!

  • Kristen Warren

    fabulous outfit dahling, love the top! yay for wedding weekend time!

  • Rebecca B

    Yay wedding weekend! Can’t believe it’s here! I still love those shoes and the bow.

  • You’re a better blogger than I…pretty sure I’ll just disappear from the blogosphere entirely during my wedding weekend :) Congrats again, can’t wait to hear all about it!

  • love the black and white with the pattern of your shirt and your cute flats! i hope you are having a wonderful & blessed wedding weekend!!