Paint the Town Red











Oh hey all…didn’t think I would leave you hanging for a week without some posts, did you? I’ll be blogging away this week just like normal, but I’ll just not really be able to respond to comments until later. You get outfits and deals now, and I get to respond later. Deal?

Funny thing about this look? It’s actually never been worn out (this is the first time that this has happened on this blog), but it is 100% something I would wear to hang out with friends or The Fiance The Mr. at a local bar or at a cool new restaurant downtown. This lace front sweater is perfect for those nights when you want to be a bit fancy, but don’t want to pull out a dress. Cool, but casual is always good with me.

Plus, these red heels and a classic bag always escalate a look. These heels were a Christmas present from my parents, and this DKNY quilted bag is almost Chanel-esque, but I found it at a local thrift store for $25. Mine. All mine. Two pieces in my closet that I absolutely love!


  • I want those shoes! But they only have size 5.5 left online… Oh well – it’s probably for the best.

    I hope you are having an awesome honeymoon!!!

  • Sarah

    Love the pops of red! Almost bought a very similar pair of heels at Kmart…may have to reconsider now!

    • They’re totally worth saving on! I love the fun vibe they add to outfits (thanks for finding them for others)!! :)

  • you look so put together and great, i love it! i also love the idea of embellished sweaters or sweatshirts even that are visually interesting enough to stand on their own without any sort of jewelry. this one is so pretty!

    • Thanks, Heidi! I just happened to have a good hair day this day…haha. That always helps! And I’m totally with you on the embellished sweaters/sweatshirts…love me some easy outfits with flair!

  • I am loving the bright lips with the bright heels!

  • I love the pops of red in your outfit!!

  • Kristen Warren

    this outfit is fabulous! love the shoes.

  • Preshcutie

    I have this outfit in so many different combinations that I just never realized it until I saw you put it together! Can’t wait for cool summer evenings to rock this look!!!