Target That Look: Jessica Alba

Every Monday, in the Target That Look feature, I will try to pick a celebrity look that I like and show you how you can get all the necessary pieces from your local Target for much, much less.

Oh look, Jessica Alba is back in the Target That Look segment…mainly because I love her style and she just always looks so perfect, but also because I love the mix of colors in this look. It’s also perfect for all kinds of occasions (vacations, special event showers, shopping, brunching, etc.).

Major props to you if you can walk in Jessica’s shoes (or even the ones I picked out below), because I cannot.

Target That Look:

  1. Mossimo Crisscross Maxi Dress (like holy cats, this is gorgeous)
  2. Mossimo Supply Co. Cardigan
  3. Mossimo Panama Hat
  4. Merona Espadrille Wedges
  5. Mossimo Supply Co. Printed Crossbody Handbag